The Thule T2 2-bike Platform hitch mount bike rack is a perfect fit for both casual and professional riders because this rack offers good features that offer you convenience, safety, and ease of use. This rack is a perfect fit for both casual and professional riders because this rack offers these features.
This rack features a reinforced tray that shields the bikes from underneath, offering an unparalleled level of security for the bikes.

In addition, the SecureHook system from Thule ensures that the bicycles are kept in an upright position while also providing enough protection against scratches.

There are two different models that fit different hitch receivers, the 916XTR T2 fits a 2-inch receiver and the 917XTR T2 fits the 1¼-inch receiver.

The rack is also suitable with a wide range of bike sizes, including bikes with wheel diameters ranging from 20 to 29 inches and tires that can be as big as 3 inches in circumference.

It is crucial that the bikes can be safely locked onto the rack, and it is also possible to lock the rack itself into the vehicle for extra security against theft and increased stability while transporting the bikes.

Simply adding an attachment—which is offered separately—will allow the 2-inch receiver 916XTR T2 model to enable the 4-bike extension option. This accessory is available for purchase separately. Because of this, the user has more options available to them.

Installation of the Thule platform is simple; all that is required is to slide the hitch bar into the receiver located below the rear bumper, and then to tighten the locking hitch pin. At this point, you are ready to go.

Both the 916XTR T2 and the 917XTR T2 models come equipped with heavy-duty tubes and two wheel trays that are molded to cradle the wheels and sustain the weight of the bikes.

The maximum amount of support is provided thanks to the collaboration between the bike trays, the tough wheel straps, and the two distinct SecureHook arms, one for each bike. The bicycles are firmly secured in place by each of these components, which also shield them from any movement or touch, so removing any possibility that they may sustain harm.

When not in use, the two arms can be folded down so that they align with the bike trays.

It is quite easy to load and unload your bikes because to the height of the wheel trays and the method in which they work, which when paired with the SecureHook arms, makes it possible to do so with minimal lifting and no difficulty.

Your bicycles are protected from theft by a double-locking system.

The first component of this locking system is a cable lock that secures your bicycles to the rack without making contact with the frames. The second component of this locking system is a Snug-Tite lock, which is a locking hitch pin that secures the rack to the car. The hitch attachment is more stable as a result of the locking pin, which also has the additional benefit of preventing any rattling or wobbling inside the attachment.

Features that allow for folding and leaning in an innovative manner

The T2 2-Bike Platform comes equipped with a device called the Hitch Switch, which makes it possible for the rack to fold down and tilt away from the vehicle. When the rack isn’t being utilized, a pin-based system allows the trays to fold down and out of the way, making it easier to park the vehicle. In addition to this, the rack can be tilted away from the back of the vehicle in order to provide access to the luggage compartment in the rear cargo area.

Simple Conversion to a Rack for Four Bikes

Simply adding the Thule 918XTR T2 2-Bike adapter to the Thule T2 916XTR model allows it to be readily upgraded to accommodate a total of 4 bicycles.

This extension allows you to load two more bikes; however, it does limit certain of the rack’s functionality, such as the fold and lean features. Please note that this feature is only available on the model with a 2-inch receiver.

The following are some of the features of the Thule T2 2-bike Platform Hitch Mount Bike Rack:

  • Your bicycles are secured in place using cable locks and SecureHook arms, neither of which move or come into touch with the bikes.
  • Simple access to the trunk made possible by the HitchSwitch function, which allows the rack to be tilted away from the vehicle.
  • Reinforced trays contribute to the product’s exceptional strength as well as protection against corrosion.
  • Safety for the back wheel provided by an adjustable wheel strap.
  • Simply by installing a Thule 918XTR T2 2 extension, it is possible to carry two additional bicycles.
  • Wheel diameters between 20 and 29 inches, and widths of up to 3 inches are supported.
  • Can fit non-traditional bicycle frames, such as those with disc brakes or thru-axles (not suitable for tandem bikes).
  • Snug-Tite locking technology, which locks the rack onto the vehicle and prevents movement at the hitch level.
  • Models: 916XT; 2 bikes; for 2″ receivers only 917XT; 2 bikes; for use with 114″ hitch receivers only 918XT; 2 bikes add on; for 2″ receivers only when it is utilized together with 916XT Models: 916XT; 2 bikes; for 2″ receivers only 918XT; 2 bikes add on; for 2″ receivers only when it is utilized together with 916XT
  • Compatible with Locking Systems Using Two Different Single Keys
  • Warranty That Lasts Forever From the Manufacturer (Limited to the original purchaser cannot be transferred to another owner).

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