Common Bike Rack Problems (and How to Avoid them?)

A Great Bike Trip Starts With A Great Bike Rack

“Exciting, the path for our weekend getaway had been settled on after much deliberation, and the schedule had been thoroughly arranged to make sure that every minute detail had been taken into account. “

My traveling companion was going on his very first bike ride, and because we were going on a three-day bike path, we made sure that no aspect was forgotten.

We started the 270-mile trek to the beginning of our much-anticipated adventure after making sure that every piece of equipment had been meticulously picked and packed in panniers before being placed onto a bike rack that we had just purchased.

Things did not at all go according to plan, which is a really unfortunate development. The heavy bicycles immediately began to scrape the surface of the automobile and do significant damage to the paintwork. As if it were not already a problem, the drivers continued to waver and collide with one another, which bent the front brakes. After that, the situation became even worse.

After traveling a distance of 150 miles, we decided to stop for a rest break, and at that time, someone else was having fun with our bicycles as we were busy sipping our coffee. It was a complete catastrophe, and the terrible part is that it might have been averted altogether.

We were never able to go on that vacation, but our bike rack was able to make it all the way to the garbage dump.

5 Common Bike Rack Problems

Find out what the five most typical complaints are that experienced users of bike racks have, and discover how you may avoid having the same problems.

My grandmother, in addition to being a kind person, was a very astute woman. She would often remind me, “Remember, a smart person learns from other people’s errors!” when we were younger. And she was absolutely correct.

Therefore, in an attempt to assist the prospective user in avoiding the same difficulties after purchasing a bike rack, when it is too late to do anything about it, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight the five most frequent complaints about bike racks before the purchase is made. So here goes…

“Not all of my bikes fit properly on my rack!”

The challenge here, of course, is that you may need to pack and transport many different types of bicycles in a secure manner. We are aware that bicycles come in a wide range of sizes and forms, ranging from adult bicycles to children’s bicycles, ladies’ frames without crossbars to mountain bicycles with diagonal crossbars or excessively broad and not-round tubes, and the list goes on and on.

You can see where this is going, improperly putting bicycles into a bike rack can result in rattles, which will result in damage to both your bicycles and your vehicle. Additionally, remember that rattles cause strappings and ties to become loose, which increases the risk of major accidents.

There is a way out of this predicament. Invest in a bike rack right from the off that can accommodate a broad range of different bicycle styles. Many loading issues may be resolved by employing a universal crossbar adapter in conjunction with one of many loading systems that include upright wheel trays, quality cradles, and other similar components.

But keep in mind that it’s always better to be safe than sorry, so give some thought to investing in a rack that can successfully address this widespread issue. Have a look at our evaluations of bike racks, and if you have any queries that aren’t addressed there or if you want some impartial assistance, you can get in touch with us here.

“My rack doesn’t fit snugly to my vehicle!”

Racks of a lower grade may not offer a secure enough mounting solution for your car. When subjected to continuous vibration over an extended period of time, vinyl straps that are secured by plastic slide locks eventually become unlocked. The tightness of fit of the bike rack may be adjusted using steel straps that are tightened using a ratchet mechanism that locks. Unless the hitch rack has an effective anti-wobble bolt, it will move about in the hitch receiver, which may be dangerous. Take notice of the attachment method on any bike rack that catches your eye; ideally, it will be basic, user-friendly, very secure, and have received excellent marks from previous purchasers.

“The tailgate won’t open fully, there’s not enough clearance!”

It is easiest to transport bicycles when the rack holding them is located in the trunk of the car. On the other hand, this may make it impossible to get into the rear of the car, which would be an inconvenience. Numerous bike racks have devised solutions to this issue, allowing access via the back of the vehicle even while the rear rack is still linked to the vehicle and even when it is laden to capacity with bicycles. Keep an eye out for bike racks that come equipped with this function, and check to see that even if they tilt or swing away, there is sufficient space for the hatch to be opened all the way. Check out what other people have said about it.

“The inside bike touches my vehicle!”

It is important to double-ensure that there is sufficient space between the inner bike and the vehicle when using a bike rack that is fastened to the rear of your vehicle and has a carrying capacity of three to five bicycles. If there is a tendency for the bikes to sway when moving because they aren’t prevented from doing that because some models don’t have enough clearance, the result may be scratches and dinks to your vehicle, which is bad! Some models try to squeeze more bikes on at the back, but they don’t have enough clearance to do so. To circumvent this problem, the finest bike racks have a sufficient amount of space and/or are equipped with an efficient anti-sway mechanism that prevents laden bicycles from rocking back and forth.

“Bike rack and bikes rattle and sway!”

It is impossible to prevent vibration from the road and the wind when a bike rack is filled with bicycles and is being transported. If a bike rack is not able to manage this demanding environment in an appropriate manner, then there is a possibility that damage could occur in the long run. This damage might be caused by bikes colliding with your car, colliding with one other, or even worse, tumbling off! The leading manufacturers of bike racks have, over the course of the past several years, developed highly effective technologies to address these issues. These technologies include a variety of anti-rattle and anti-sway mechanisms, as well as secure soft padded cradles and cushioned attachment points, ratcheted securely to prevent damage, scratches, and vibrations.

Take these characteristics seriously since having a problem-free voyage when transporting your bike is the first step toward having a pleasant bicycling excursion. This may be accomplished by avoiding the most frequent issues that others have encountered. But not you!

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