Hollywood Racks SR1 2-Bike Spare Tire Bike Rack Review (2023)

In 1973, Hollywood Bike Racks opened its doors in Hollywood, California, and began manufacturing trunk-mounted bike racks for sale in the shop’s retail location.

They set out to manufacture bike racks of the highest possible quality, which would be sent to customers already constructed in their entirety and would be simple to use. As a result of their rapidly growing reputation, other bicycle merchants in the state of California started selling their racks. By the late 1980s, they had already shut down the bike store and relocated the fabrication of the bike racks to a bigger plant in Los Angeles. At that point, they were already selling their bike racks to major manufacturers of bicycles and shipping them all over the globe.

They came from a retail background, which helped them understand the needs of the consumer, and they focus closely on engineering, tying together the importance of customer-friendly design with durable top-quality materials. They also come from a background in manufacturing, which helped them understand the needs of the manufacturer. Because they are so confident in the quality of their goods, they stand by each and every one of them with a no-questions-asked, lifetime warranty.

A lifetime guarantee is included with the purchase of any Hollywood bike rack.

Are Hollywood Bike Racks Good?

As time has passed, Hollywood racks have developed new designs and product refinements, and they have also maintained contact with the ever-evolving materials and fashions in the automotive industry. As a result, they are aware of the significance of safe vehicle fitment.

Hollywood bike racks stay true to their roots by continuing to provide racks that are sturdy, secure, straightforward in terms of installation, and user-friendly.

Because we believe that they provide some of the best racks available, we have selected them as one of our Top Picks.

Hollywood Racks SR1 2-Bike Spare Tire Bike Rack Review

The Hollywood Racks SR1 2-Bike spare tire bike rack features a design that is uncomplicated but long-lasting at the same time. The tough straps and straightforward clamping method provide for a simple process both during installation and when removing it from your spare tire.
When the rack is not being used, the carrying arms can be collapsed and fitted to be used on a tire installed on the side of the vehicle.

The SR1 is quite adaptable since it can be adjusted to accommodate a large variety of different kinds of spare tires.

It can transport up to two bicycles simultaneously and features comfortable cradles made of rubberized material.

There is a safety strap included with the rack that may be used to help give increased stability to your bicycles while you are driving. The rack is delivered to you completely completed and ready for installation onto your vehicle.

When they are not being utilized, the two carry arms have the ability to be folded down, and they may also be adjusted to accommodate a side-mounted tire.

The following is something that, as a user of the Hollywood SR1, you need to bear in mind:

  • It should not have more than two bicycles or 75 pounds loaded on it (35 kg).
  • Maintain a space of one foot or thirty centimeters between the bike tires and the exhaust pipe.
  • Before and after you load the bikes, check to see that all of the straps are pulled as tightly as they can go.
  • During use, ensure that the straps are pulled as tightly as possible and that the rack is positioned correctly by doing regular checks on each of these aspects.
  • When traveling on a road that is rough or dirty, you should drive more slowly to avoid damaging the rack. Be careful.

Caution: Check to make sure that the spare tire is put onto your car extremely securely and that the mounting mechanism is robust enough to hold the weight of the tire, as well as the weight of the rack and bikes. Please get in touch with the manufacturer of the car for further clarity on this matter if you have any questions.

It is necessary to have both an adjustable wrench and a 9/16″ socket wrench in order to mount the rack.

The rack comes pre-assembled with all of the necessary hardware already in place to properly center a spare tire. If your vehicle has a spare tire that is installed on the side, you can set it up by following the detailed directions that are included in the manual that was purchased with your vehicle.

The attachment mechanism consists of a rear brace that can be modified as needed and three nylon straps.

Features of the Hollywood SR1 Two-Bike Spare Tire Mount Bike Rack:

  • A robust strapping system that enables quick and simple assembly.
  • Because of its wide range of adjustability, it is able to accommodate a variety of spare tires.
  • Folds flat for convenient storage.
  • Transports up to 2 bicycles, each weighing up to 35 pounds (70lbs max).
  • It is pre-assembled and ready to be used with a tire attached in the center.
  • It is possible to fit spare tires that are positioned on the side or in the center.
  • Cradles composed of rubber and other soft materials provide protection for bicycles.
  • Includes tie-down straps made of soft rubberized material for safer transport of the bike.
  • When the rack is not being used, the carrying arms can be folded up out of the way.

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