Inno Bike Racks

Inno Bike Racks – Inno INA382 Upright Roof Bike Rack

For more than three decades, Inno has been in the business of producing bike racks and developing innovative solutions for those who like participating in active sports.

Car racks and freight management systems for the following types of outdoor activities are included in their comprehensive catalogue of goods:

  • Bike (Inno Bike Racks)
  • Water
  • Camp
  • Ski/Snowboard
  • Fishing

Takaaki Murata, the man who invented the headrest for car seats, established the firm that would later become known as Car Mate in 1966. Today, Car Mate is the most prominent producer of automobile accessories in Japan.

Inno, which is the company’s business that specializes in vehicle racks, was established in 1976 and now has about sixty percent of the market share in Japan for car racks.

Inno vehicle racks were first brought to the United States market in 2003, and since then, their popularity has skyrocketed; as a result, production facilities have been set up throughout the country to meet the ever-increasing demand.

In order to verify that their products are resilient enough to resist hostile conditions, Inno has testing facilities equipped with UV ray testing booths as well as salt spray testing booths.

Because of their sturdy construction and high level of quality, Inno bike racks have gained a lot of traction in the United States among those who like participating in outdoor activities.

The ISO 9001 certification that Car Mate has for quality management, as well as the 14001 certification that it holds for environmental management, are both sources of great pride for the company.

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