Saris Locking Cable – 8-Foot

Saris Locking Cable – 8-Foot

This is an 8-foot clear plastic coated braided stainless steel cable that is 10mm thick. It comes with a lock that has a cover that extends over the lock to protect it from the elements.
There are 2 keys in all.

Saris Locking Cable Specification:

  • a cable that is 8 feet long
  • 10mm braided stainless steel
  • Lock that comes with a set of two keys
  • Cover for the lock that is weatherproof

Cable with a Saris Locking Length of 8 Feet


  • 8ft ties three bikes to the rack on car
  • Good quality
  • Robust secure lock
  • 2 year warranty
  • Works exactly as advertised


  • Like the cable to be a bit longer
  • A little hard to pull the lock out (minor point)
  • Thief managed to cut through the lock

Please keep in mind that if you have an expensive and highly coveted bike and a thief is motivated enough to steal it, you may want to consider using more than one 10mm steel cable lock to secure your bicycle.

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