Surco Bike Racks

Surco Bike Racks – BT300 3-Bike Spare Tire Rack

Surco Products Inc., which has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, and was founded in 1971, is the company that is responsible for manufacturing Surco Bike Racks.

Because the firm, which is situated in Los Angeles, handles all of its production in-house, they have complete and total command over the quality control and standards of their products.

Since its founding, the ownership of Surco has been passed down through two successive generations of the same family.

The firm focuses on providing accessories for motor vehicles. Every one of their bike racks can be hitch-mounted, is made of heavy-duty steel, and has a finish that is made to last with a durable black powder coat.

The bike racks made by Surco are not known for their aesthetic appeal; yet, they are practical, long-lasting, user-friendly, and provide an excellent value.

The Surco bike racks come with a guarantee that is good for the whole three months.

The Surco Spare Tire Bike Rack is dependable and, for good reason, has garnered a devoted following among its clientele as a result of these qualities. Please read the review that follows to see why, after a great deal of investigation, we have decided to name it our Top Pick for a Spare Tire Bike Rack.

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