Thule 911XT Passage 3 Bike Trunk Mount Bike Rack Review (2023)

There is a wide selection of bike racks available for purchase, and many of them claim to be compatible with any make or model of vehicle. Despite this claim, there is a significant gap between the quality of their construction and how well they perform their intended function among the various manufacturers and brands.

Thule Bike Racks enjoy an excellent reputation in the industry, and their clients are quite loyal.

The Thule 911XT Passage 3 Bike Trunk Mount Bike Rack appears to be exactly the same as the two bike carriers; the only difference is that the arm of the rack is a little bit longer.

Thule 911XT Passage 3 Bike Trunk Mount Bike Rack Features:

  • The innovative FitDial from Thule checks to make sure there is adequate space for the vehicle:
  • The superior FitDial technology makes certain that the Thule 911XT is always fitted correctly onto your car in order to ensure that it fits absolutely firmly to your vehicle without any wiggle room.
  • The bike frame is guarded by high-quality rubber cradles that are both sturdy and flexible.
  • The soft rubber cradles of the Thule 911XT Passage 3 Bike Trunk Mount Bike Rack are of high quality and are built to last. These are necessary to prevent damage to the frame of your bike while preventing any scratches or other blemishes from occurring while keeping it firmly.
  • The narrow cradle arms allow for greater carrying versatility because they can accommodate a larger variety of bike frames, including those used by children’s bikes.
  • When the arms of the rack are not being used, they can fold down and round themselves, making parking easier.
  • When the bike rack is properly attached to the roof of the vehicle, there are pads made by SoftCushionTM that prevent scratches to the trunk and hatch from being caused by the rack itself.
  • The buckles on the rack provide a solid hold, locking it to the car. To prevent any scratches, these buckles are vinyl-coated for added protection.
  • The anti-sway feature of the Thule 911XT was designed to prevent bikes from coming into touch with one another, as well as prevent bikes from being scratched or otherwise damaged while they are being transported.
  • The rack is reliably fastened to the vehicle by means of a six-strap system that is included in the package.

Are Thule Bike Racks Good And Worth It?

In 1942, Sweden in Northern Europe was the location where Thule was founded. The premium worldwide brand Thule is renowned for its high level of craftsmanship. When it comes to handling the issue of how to most effectively transport your gear along with you when you are using your automobile, Thule bike racks put their attention on providing solutions.

The innovation in design that goes into Thule bike racks is motivated by a desire to reduce the amount of bother involved in moving bikes by developing ever-superior solutions that use the most cutting-edge technologies currently on the market.

Thule bike racks have a well-deserved reputation for having an exceptionally long lifespan because of their durable construction and their capacity to withstand the beating that they take out on the road. Not only are the materials strong and long-lasting, but they also combine an appealing aesthetic aspect with clean lines, making the product not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing.

A lifetime guarantee is included with every Thule bike rack purchase.

The Fundamentals of Thule Bike Racks

According to Thule, whether it’s a relaxing day in the mountains, a race against the clock, or a trip to the beach, whether you’re traveling off-road or on road, Thule offers a wide variety of solutions that make transporting your bicycle easy and convenient. Every one of these solutions makes it simple and fast to load, securely secure, and lock your bicycle in place, and it enables you to be on the road as quickly as possible.

Things to consider getting the job done:

  • What kind of car do you usually drive around?
  • I’m curious, what sort of bike do you ride?
  • How much does your bicycle weigh?
  • How many bicycles do you aim to transport and do you have a strategy for this?
  • Where do you plan to store the bicycle(s) while they are being transported in your vehicle?

Trunk Mount Bike Racks Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at the benefits of a trunk mount rack first before moving on to the various separate trunk racks.

This sort of rack is mounted on the back of your vehicle and is secured to the rear of your car using straps or cables that connect to the trunk or tailgate and can be firmly tightened to clamp the rack to the back of your vehicle.

The disadvantage of using this approach is that different portions of the rack may make contact with the bodywork of your car at a number of different contact points. As a consequence, scratches and markings may appear on the bodywork if the contact points are not sufficiently sturdy and cushioned. Because of this, having a close fit is vitally essential.

When it comes to the ease of installation and the speed with which it can be removed from your vehicle, there is a significant amount of variety among trunk racks. Setting up a rack in a secure manner might be a bit of a pain if there are a lot of hanging straps and the hooks are of poor quality.

Racks with a higher level of the specification are equipped with ratcheted steel cables, rubberized hooks, and non-slip rubberized pads that may be custom-fitted to your vehicle to guarantee a rock-solid connection.

Advantages of a trunk bike rack

  • Easy to remove, fold up and stow away
  • Should be quick and easy to load and unload your bikes at the back of your vehicle
  • Can swap a trunk bike rack easily between vehicles
  • No overhead lifting of bikes required
  • No need to remove the front wheels
  • Good trunk racks are quick and easy to install

Disadvantages of a trunk mount rack

  • The rack touches the bodywork at several places
  • Not easy to get access to the trunk or rear cargo area when installed
  • Not as capable of carrying heavier loads or as many bikes
  • Some basic trunk racks have lots of dangling nylon straps and poor-quality foam feet
  • Can be more difficult to find secure locking systems to lock the rack to your vehicle and also lock your bikes to the bike rack

However, you do pay for what you get, and a more basic rack is far more likely to cause damage to both your car and your bicycle. Although trunk racks start at a lesser price, which may seem like a benefit at first, you do pay for what you receive.

Our website is constantly being updated with new trunk mount racks, and this process is continuous.

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