Thule Raceway 9001 2 Bike Trunk Mount Bike Rack Review (2023)

When it comes to the level of stability that it provides, the Thule Raceway 9001 rack is one of the hitch mount carriers that can be compared favorably with any trunk mount carrier. This rack is designed to be mounted on the trunk of a vehicle. It provides bike transportation that is exceptionally safe, and it does so without the need for a hitch to be mounted on the towing vehicle.
The rack comes with a number of great features, such as lockable ratchet cables that, provide excellent stability; the FitDial system, which offers a guaranteed perfect fit onto your car; anti-sway and anti-contact cages, which prevent bikes from colliding with one another or bikes from colliding with vehicles, to avoid causing damage.

This rack’s capacity to fold up into a compact size and the superiority of the locks that secure both your bicycles and the carrier itself are the two aspects that make it such a desirable option.

Exceptional Constructivity and Originality in the Design

You receive an ingeniously constructed trunk-mounted rack with the Thule 9001 raceway. This rack combines the convenience of hitch-mounted racks, such as easy mounting and storage, with the stability of trunk-mounted racks.

The fact that the 9001 Raceway can be used quickly and easily with a wide variety of vehicles thanks to Thule’s FitDeal technology makes it an exceptionally adaptable and versatile product. Lifting the release lever, positioning the rack so that it fits the chosen opening, and then pushing the lever to secure it in place are the only steps required to attach the rack to a variety of different types of trunks.

The bicycles and the car are both shielded from the possibility of scratching by molded rubber pads, and the process of fitting the bicycles is simplified by the inclusion of numbered apertures that correspond to the many possible positions of the frame.

The high-strength wires successfully fasten the raceway 9001 to the automobile, so ensuring the rack is safely held and that the transporting process is risk-free.

There are two cables that reach from the top of the rack, and two cables that extend from the bottom. The tension on these cables can be adjusted by toggling the upper and lower levers, respectively. You may now take out the wires to adjust them to fit your car, and after the cable hooks are in position, you can tighten them using the dials that are located on the sides of the device. In spite of the fact that the cables are extremely robust and rigid, they are also padded to protect your bicycles or vehicles from being scratched.

Because of the rack’s compact cradle arms, which are equipped with pads and straps, loading and unloading a maximum of two bicycles from the 9001 racetrack, which is designed to securely hold them, is a simple process.

The rack is equipped with sturdy anti-sway hang-down cages that keep each bike frame in place like a bracket. These cages attach to the vertical tube of the bikes and prevent the bikes from swaying.

In addition, the rack comes with a strap that can be threaded through the frames of the bicycles and used to firmly attach the lower parts of the bikes to the rack.

The arms of the carrier may be folded down simply so that they are flush with the body of the vehicle when it is not in use. This allows you to drive and park the vehicle without being hindered by the rack, even if the carrier is still attached to the vehicle.

High Level of Security, including Locking in Both Directions

The Thule 9001 racetrack is capable of providing two distinct layers of protection for your bicycles while they are being transported.

To begin, the bikes are secured extremely effectively thanks to the cable lock that ensures additional security by running around the cradles and providing an additional layer of defense. When it is mounted to the trunk or hatchback of the vehicle, the entire rack is securely fastened in place using a snug locking mechanism, which provides an exceptional level of stability.

The following are some of the features of the Thule 9001 Raceway 2 Bike Trunk Mount Bike Rack:

  • Outstanding safety combined with Cables that are guaranteed to be watertight
  • Thanks to the unique FitDial technology, you can rest assured that it will fit you perfectly.
  • Because of the molded rubber pads, it not only clings firmly to the vehicle but also shields both the car and the bikes from any scratches that might occur.
  • Because the anti-sway cages are included, there is no chance of bikes colliding with one another or with vehicles.
  • Holds most types of bicycles, even those designed for children, securely within its narrow cradle arms, which may be folded down out of the way when they are not in use.
  • The bike arms have a function that allows them to fold up vertically, which makes storing a breeze.
  • The bikes are secured to the rack by sturdy cables and accompanying locks, while the rack itself is held securely in place on the car.
  • A high degree of longevity thanks to the extremely sturdy design and construction, both of which are beautiful.

The following are the specifications for the Thule 9001 Raceway 2 Bike Trunk Mount Bike Rack:

  • Up to two bicycles can be stored here.
  • Compatible with tire dimensions up to 3 inches.
  • Carries a maximum of up to 15 kg.
  • Anti-sway cages are included in the package.
  • The bicycles are secured to the rack, which is then secured to the vehicle.
  • Compatible with the vast majority of bicycles equipped with disc brakes.
  • Not SKS compatible.
  • Not designed for tandem bikes.

Warranty That Lasts Forever From the Manufacturer

The warranty is only valid for the first owner of the bike rack, who will receive a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. However, the warranty will be null and void as soon as ownership of the product is passed to a new owner.

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