Thule Raceway 9002 3 Trunk Mount Bike Rack Review (2023)

“A Bike Rack That Attaches To Your Trunk of the Highest Quality”

Because trunk-mounted bike racks often use vinyl straps, which are prone to getting twisted, are difficult to manage, and contribute to installation anxiety, every time you need to attach the bike rack to your vehicle, it is an unpleasant process.

And then there’s the ever-present dread that the bicycles you’ve strapped to the back of your truck aren’t quite safe and secure enough. This happens all too frequently. Will they scrape against your automobile if they rub against one another, or are they packed so closely together that they will chafe and get scratched if they… Sound familiar?

A Trunk Mount Rack of the Highest Quality, the Thule Raceway

Thule, however, has devised solutions to these bothersome issues, and their ingenious designers have developed features that truly make it a pleasure to own a trunk-mounted rack, as well as to install it and load it.
According to the opinions expressed in 31 customer reviews that can be found online, the Thule Raceway 9002 3 Bike trunk mounted rack is an excellent purchase. The users, on average, have given it 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars, which is an excellent rating.

So let’s reel in the over excitement and take a careful look at what our research has shown regarding this product.

Getting the rack installed on the ship!

This trunk-mounted rack for three bicycles is pretty unique in comparison to other trunk-mounted racks. Instead of the standard six wires that are used by other Thule trunk racks, this one only requires four.

Before you attach the rack to your vehicle, there is an installation guide that comes with it that explains in detail how to set up the frame utilizing the patented FitDialTM system, which is a process that is both straightforward and uncomplicated. This step comes before you attach the rack to your vehicle.

Attaching the rack to your vehicle is a simple process once it has been configured appropriately for your vehicle.

The four cables, which are not dangling straps, are each secured to the trunk, and one just turns a knob on the rack to ratchet the cable tight. The Thule Sure-TightTM ratcheting system has an intuitive design that makes it easy to use. The cables are painted to preserve your paintwork; nevertheless, some users have suggested placing a bit of cloth or rubber inbetween the areas of contact for further protection. This is in addition to the fact that the cables are painted.

The Thule Raceway 9002 rack is designed to prevent any scratches from occurring on the bodywork of the vehicle by resting against the bodywork on rubber moulded pads. The rack offers a contemporary and aerodynamic appearance and feel when it is attached to your vehicle and securely fastened in place.

Developing Emotional Ties!

A useful feature is that the cradles that the bikes sit in and are attached to are padded and grooved for the purpose of protecting the bike frame and allowing for the routing of bike wires. There is a lot more leeway to truly tie the frame down and ensure that it is safe and secure thanks to the pliable rubber straps with a soft touch that are used to attach the bike frame in the cradle. The cradle has four points at which the straps may be fixed. Anti-sway cradles are also included as standard equipment, and its purpose is to prevent loaded bicycles from moving around within the vehicle while it is in motion. It is vitally important that this prevents them from crashing into one another or into your vehicle.

Because there is a sufficient distance between the rack and the leading edge of the trunk, it is possible to use this rack with a wide variety of vehicles that have spoilers that are factory fitted.

The maximum weight that the Thule Raceway 3-bike rack can carry is 105 pounds, and it can accommodate bicycles with tires that are up to three inches in diameter. If your bicycle does not have a top tube, you can get one by purchasing an adapter bar that fits between the front stem and the seat stem. This will create a top tube.

Keep a firm grip on your bicycles!

There is a security cable that may be locked with a key and that will lock your bike frame onto the cradle. Bike security is very important, and for that reason, there is a security cable. This is obviously meant to provide protection against theft, and in addition to that, it is also an extremely elegant and convenient method of doing so. The bike that is loaded on the outside is the one that locks in this manner, and because this bike is locked, the other bike that is stored inside of it cannot be taken. Because of this, if you were just going to be moving one bicycle on the rack and you needed it to be secure, you would load it into one of the outside cradles.

In addition to being another deterrent against theft, the bike rack may be locked to the vehicle with a key, preventing the wires from being removed from the trunk.

Compact for stowing

Because the two carrying arms that the bicycles sit on are very close to one another, the rack is able to accommodate all types of bicycles, including those designed for children. When not in use, this rack’s carrying arms may be folded down into a flat position, making it more space efficient for storage. You won’t want to leave it on your car when it’s not in use because it’s so simple to attach to the vehicle and remove, and it stows away almost completely flat, taking up very little space.

A challenging path to take.

Your bike rack ought to provide you with devoted service for many years. It is possible for this to occur if the rack is well constructed with high-quality components. It is comforting to know that the peace of mind provided by Thule bike racks is complete in this regard.

A great Lifetime Warranty is included with every purchase of the Raceway 9002 3 Bike Trunk Mount Rack from Thule.

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