Trunk Mount Bike Racks

We evaluate and rank some of the most popular trunk-mount bike racks on the market by using something called “The Bike Rack Test,” and you can find a complete list of these racks at the bottom of this page!

Let’s take a look at the benefits of a trunk mount rack first before moving on to the various separate trunk racks.

This sort of rack is mounted on the back of your vehicle and is secured to the rear of your car using straps or cables that connect into the trunk or tailgate and can be firmly tightened to clamp the rack to the back of your vehicle.

The disadvantage of using this approach is that different portions of the rack may make contact with the bodywork of your car at a number of different contact points. As a consequence, scratches and markings may appear on the bodywork if the contact points are not sufficiently sturdy and cushioned. Because of this, having a close fit is vitally essential.

When it comes to the ease of installation and the speed with which it can be removed from your vehicle, there is a significant amount of variety among trunk racks. Setting up a rack in a secure manner might be a bit of a pain if there are a lot of hanging straps and the hooks are of poor quality.

Racks with a higher level of specification are equipped with ratcheted steel cables, rubberized hooks, and non-slip rubberized pads that may be custom-fitted to your vehicle to guarantee a rock-solid connection.

There are some definite advantages of a trunk bike rack which are listed below:

  • Easy to remove, fold up and stow away
  • Should be quick and easy to load and unload your bikes at the back of your vehicle
  • Can swap a trunk bike rack easily between vehicles
  • No overhead lifting of bikes required
  • No need to remove the front wheels
  • Good trunk racks are quick and easy to install

Some disadvantages of a trunk mount rack are:

  • The rack touches the bodywork at several places
  • Not easy to get access into the trunk or rear cargo area when installed
  • Not as capable of carrying heavier loads or as many bikes
  • Some basic trunk racks have lots of dangling nylon straps and poor quality foam feet
  • Can be more difficult to find secure locking systems to lock the rack to your vehicle and also lock your bikes to the bike rack

However, you do pay for what you get, and a more basic rack is far more likely to cause damage to both your car and your bicycles. Although trunk racks start at a lesser price, which may seem like a benefit at first, you do pay for what you receive.

Our position is that you should utilize something called “The Bike Rack Test” to determine whether or not the bike racks you are considering have passed all seven necessary components, and then, after those racks have been rated appropriately, you should think about how much they cost.

The following is an in-depth analysis of every trunk mount rack available on our website, including a detailed look at the benefits and downsides of trunk racks, as well as their ratings and extensive customer comments.

Our website is constantly being updated with new trunk mount racks, and this process is continuous.

Please take into consideration that the major objective of this site is to provide you with sufficient information on all of the bike racks that are listed below.

In addition, and this is of the utmost importance, we will give you a test that goes by the name “The Bike Rack Test.” This test will allow you to assign a score to any bike rack that you are thinking about purchasing. It will also give you a method for objectively comparing bike racks, which will give you the assurance that you are making the best decision possible for your requirements.

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