5 Types of Bike Racks for Cars

Make a mistake picking the wrong rack and your car could get scratched, it may even cause a road hazard or get your bike stolen.

The aim isn’t hard.

It is necessary for you to carry a bicycle using your automobile. Nevertheless, there is a seemingly mind-boggling diversity of designs for automobile bike racks, along with a broad variety of price tags, from which to pick. In a general sense, this ought to be an advantage; nevertheless, in order to select the appropriate vehicle bike rack to meet your requirements, you will need to do some research and evaluate the different types.

The perfect bike rack will carry your bicycles in a safe and secure manner, while also fitting within the financial constraints you have established for yourself. If you choose the wrong bike rack, it might pose a threat to your personal safety, it could harm your vehicle, and it could even cause your bike to be dropped, stolen, or destroyed.

Hitch Mount Bike Racks

This style of rack requires a trailer hitch receiver, and the cost of installation will range between $120 and $195 if your vehicle does not already have one installed. There are two distinct sizes of hitch receivers available (1.25 inches and 2 inches) to accommodate trailers with varying capacities. It is not difficult to move anywhere from one to five bicycles. Be sure to give versions that tilt or swing away from the tailgate serious consideration if you want to be able to reach the back of your car even when it is crammed full of bicycles. The rear of the vehicle is the most convenient spot to load bicycles into the transport vehicle.

Roof-Mounted Bike Racks

If your automobile does not already have a roof rack, you will need to purchase either a base roof rack or cross bars in order to attach the bike rack. The cost of these accessories may range anywhere from $200 to $450. Each bike is put into its own dedicated rack that is fitted atop the vehicle. There are two distinct styles of roof mount racks, each of which loads the bicycle onto the roof in a different manner: the first style mounts the front fork of the bicycle while removing the front wheel, and the second style mounts the bicycle in an upright position while leaving the front wheel in place. Getting a bicycle up onto the top of a car may be a challenging and hard endeavor.

Trunk Mount Bike Racks

This may be an alternative with a reduced cost overall, especially with cheaper entry racks; but, inexpensive entry versions can be fraught with risk. The best method to approach this kind of rack, in our view, is to search for ones that are of high quality and have been given reliable safety ratings. It should not be difficult to install or remove a roof rack from a trunk. It will be much simpler for you to load and unload your bicycles if you position them at the rear of the transport van.

Spare Tire Bike Racks

Racks that attach to the spare tire follow the same design principles as racks that attach to the trunk. All of the same advantages, as well as pitfalls to watch out for. This kind of rack has the capacity to accommodate anywhere from one to four bicycles. There are two different techniques to attach a rack for a spare tire. Straps around the spare tire, the efficiency of which is depending on the specific system, or alternatively, a receiver that is located behind the spare wheel that is fastened to. Assuming that the fitting is suitable for use with your spare tire, this gives a solution that is more trustworthy.

Truck Bed Bike Racks

prevent your stuff from shifting about in the back of the truck and may be installed in a variety of different ways, the degree of difficulty of which is highly dependent on the specific model that you choose. Some of them need to have holes drilled in them, while others have more modern anchoring methods that are simple to set up and take down. There are two different ways to load bicycles into these racks: one uses the front fork attachment, which requires the removal of the front wheel, and the other uses the upright loading method, which allows the front wheel to remain connected to the bicycle.

A short reference chart to assist you in selecting the kind of bike rack that would work the best for your specific requirements.

How to Choose a Good Bike Rack?

If you are considering purchasing a bike rack, there are seven functions that you need to ensure it can do well; failing to do so will almost certainly result in complications for you. And the complications that might arise with a bike rack can vary from being an annoyance to causing a terrible accident.

7 Things A Bike Rack Must Do Well

  1. Installation and attachment to your car are simple and can be done quickly.
  2. The rack’s connection mechanism must securely fasten to your car with no wiggle room at all, and there must be no movement at all.
  3. Quick and simple loading and unloading of bicycles into the rack, which eliminates the possibility of errors and saves time.
  4. Technology for loading bicycles that is well developed and implemented into the bike rack so that it can easily accommodate a broad range of bicycle frame shapes and sizes.
  5. Locking system that is safe, robust, and secure with two locks to protect criminals from stealing your bikes and the bike rack
  6. Excellent design that protects both your loaded bicycles and your vehicle from being damaged by the bike rack and your bicycles.
  7. Technology that is tried and true, such as anti-wobble, anti-sway, and anti-vibration systems, as well as other elements that combat road vibrations

As long as a bike rack is capable of doing these seven tasks well, you can be certain that you will enjoy many years of hassle-free transporting of your bicycles without the need to make any adjustments. The good news is that you probably won’t even notice your bike rack since most of the time, a bike rack is only observed when it is creating issues.

Nasties: A few bike rack problems:

  • Installing it takes up too much time.
  • Takes too long to load bikes
  • Broken spokes on the bikes
  • Auto with scratches
  • Abandoned bicycles
  • Theft of bicycles from the rack
  • The bike rack was stolen from the automobile.
  • Accidents on the road are often caused by bikes that have fallen off.
  • I am certain that this list is sufficient motivation to learn the seven things that a bike rack has to be able to accomplish well in order to prevent being susceptible to any of these or any other bike rack issues.

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