Why A Great Bike Trip Starts With A Great Bike Rack

“Exciting, the path for our weekend getaway had been settled on after much deliberation, and the schedule had been thoroughly arranged to make sure that every minute detail had been taken into account. “

My traveling companion was going on his very first bike ride, and because we were going on a three-day bike path, we made sure that no aspect was forgotten.

We started the 270-mile trek to the beginning of our much anticipated adventure after making sure that every piece of equipment had been meticulously picked and packed in panniers before being placed onto a bike rack that we had just purchased.

Things did not at all go according to plan, which is a really unfortunate development. The heavy bicycles immediately began to scrape the surface of the automobile and do significant damage to the paintwork. As if it were not already a problem, the drivers continued to waver and collide with one another, which bent the front brakes. After that, the situation became even worse.

After traveling a distance of 150 miles, we decided to stop for a rest break, and at that time, someone else was having fun with our bicycles as we were busy sipping our coffee. It was a complete catastrophe, and the terrible part is that it might have been averted altogether.

We were never able to go on that vacation, but our bike rack was able to make it all the way to the garbage dump.

“Why a great bike trip starts with a great bike rack”

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Of course there are the considerations of:-

  • Where exactly do you want to transport your bike on the vehicle? (s)
  • How many bicycles do you plan to carry at any given moment?

And then there are the other considerations that need some thinking, since if you give them the attention they deserve, your bicycle transportation will function like clockwork.

  • The load that the rack carries
  • Will you need to remove the rack from your car the most of the time while it’s not being used?
  • Do you want to be able to secure the rack to your car to prevent it from being stolen?
  • How difficult is it to install and remove the bike rack from your car, and are you able to do it all by yourself?
  • How safe is the bike rack once it has been put in place?
  • What kinds of anti-scratch protection are included into the bike rack to ensure that it won’t leave scratches on your car?
  • Does it important whether the bike rack is aesthetically pleasing?
  • Is the rack able to be moved from one vehicle to another easily?
  • When it’s full with bicycles, does the rack get in the way of your driving?
  • How does the company assist its customers and what kind of warranty does it offer?

These are all significant aspects to take into account to guarantee that your requirements will be adequately met, but of course, the process does not end here; the bicycles themselves come next, and they are, in the end, the most essential component:

  • How quickly and effortlessly can you place your bike(s) onto the bike rack, and are you able to do it all by yourself without any trouble? (you should be able to)
  • Are the points of contact between the bikes and the rack equipped with the appropriate protection to avoid damage?
  • Is there enough room between the motorcycles to prevent them from colliding with one another and is there enough space between the bikes and the car to prevent harm to either?
  • Are the loaded bicycles restrained by some kind of anti-sway mechanism that prevents them from colliding with the transport vehicle or with one another? If yes, this will ensure that the bicycles remain undamaged throughout the journey.
  • How many distinct bicycles, in addition to their frames, can be safely transported in their various configurations?

Is there a secure way to fasten the bikes to the rack so that they cannot be stolen?
These are the factors that should be taken into account, rather than the cost of the rack itself as much as possible.

If you choose the wrong rack, it could be a very expensive mistake, as was explained at the beginning of this post. However, if you choose the right rack, you will be able to enjoy hassle-free bike transportation, which in the end means that you will be able to enjoy what you really want, which is hassle-free cycling on the trail each and every time you go out.

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