As someone who lives in a city where traffic seems to be getting worse, I recognize those who choose to ride their bikes instead of driving. I felt their choice to be much more astounding when considering the amount of inconvenience that may occur.

Bike riders face a slew of obstacles that motorists do not, so it’s comforting to know that there are a slew of bicycle accessories available to help with a variety of particular issues. Lights, locks, pumps, shelves, trailers, and computer systems are examples of add-ons that can be purchased at most riding or outdoor equipment shops.

Bicycle Shoes

So, now that you have your new bike, what extras do you recommend I purchase? First, you’ll need a nice pair of bicycle shoes, either road or mountain bike, or you might acquire some touring shoes that you can walk in as well as ride in.

Cycling Clothes

You cannot ride in your underwear, therefore you will require cycling clothing, of which there are many options depending on what you want to do and where you intend to do it. Obviously, shorts and a shirt are easy in warm weather; gloves and a hat are required in cold weather.

Bicycle Light

The bicycle light is one of the most common bicycle accessories. This device makes the rider safer by making them easier to identify and allowing him to judge better. Bicycle illumination is typically powered by batteries, however, generators are used in rare cases. The second approach has the advantage of infinite duration, but the maximum energy production is very modest. The lamps used in bicycle lights are classified into three types. They are tungsten filament, halogen, and intensity discharge, in order of dimmest to brightest (HID). The cost of these lights rises in direct proportion to the quantity of light produced. Bicycle lights such as the NiteRider MiNewt X2 Brought, the DiNotte 600-LI-HC, and the Sigma Sport Triled/Cuberider Combo are excellent examples.

Bicycle Lock

Bicycle theft might be a significant issue among bike users, especially in metropolitan settings. Bicycle trees are often thought to have been used in connection with bicycle shelves, however, they were most likely used to attach the bicycle to the item. The problem with buying bicycles is that the different parts break. Even though the front wheel of the bike is guaranteed, the rear wheel of the bike may be disconnected and stolen. Probably the most effective locks secure an immovable object’s structure and wheel or wheels. U-trees are most likely the safest sort of bicycle lock. These tresses’ bodies are typically made of solid steel, making them very difficult for criminals to cut through. Chain and cable trees are very popular, although their efficacy is determined by the strength of the materials.

Bicycle Tire Pumps

Anyone who owns a bike should most likely have a bicycle tire pump. These often take the form that most people are familiar with, a hand-operated piston that drives air into the tire. This sort of bicycle tire pump costs between $20 and $120. Some bicycle pumps, however, employ forced air tubes to re-inflate tires. These pumps are more compact and resemble an inhaler in appearance. Because of their tiny size, they are ideal for emergency tire repair on long bicycle rides.

Bottle Cages

So you’re set to hit the road or tracks; what more do you need? You’ll become thirsty, so bring something to drink with you. Most individuals have bottle cages on their bikes, which are constructed of steel, alloy, plastic, or carbon fiber. The cage connects to the bike, and a customized bottle fits snugly within the cage so it doesn’t fall out over rough terrain. Some individuals prefer a Camelback, which is a liquid-holding bag that you wear on your back. It may be worn alone or as part of a compact knapsack, allowing you to carry additional items such as food, spare clothing, or tools in case of an emergency. Both methods are excellent and have benefits; you’ll need one or the other to transport your drink or you’ll get dehydrated, even in cold weather.

Cycle Computers

Bicycle computer systems are a relatively new invention, with prices ranging from $20 to $650. Simple devices often provide merely information like as the cyclist’s current speed, trip distance, and offer time. However, the more expensive designs are likely to contain capabilities such as GPS navigation, mapping software, barometers, and heart monitors. Some bicycle computer systems may even communicate with one another, allowing bike riders to observe other persons in a group.

It’s useful to know how far you’ve ridden and how long it took you, thus one of the most fascinating additions is a cycle computer. There are many, the basic ones record your speed, time, and distance and are relatively inexpensive, or you could buy the top-of-the-range computer that will tell you: – distance, time, speed, altitude, pedal revs, pulse, power output, and steepness of the climb, these computers you can download to your home computer after your ride and print off your ride results.


Wearing eye protection on your bike rides is a fantastic and cool idea since it keeps the sun out of your eyes on those hot days, but it also keeps grit and flies from blinding you and it’s a nice fashion piece. Oakley was most likely the first and is now the most well-known, producer of sports eyewear. There are others, such as Rudy Project, Adidas, and Briko, where you can purchase cheaper glasses with removable lenses that are clear for poor weather, dark for the sun, and reflective for posing; they do the job for the money, but do they have the same street cred?

Other Accessories

If you wish to go touring, you may install racks on your bike to carry clothing and perhaps even a tent with pannier bags. Mountain bikes feature bar ends that allow for different hand positions. A stand to prevent you from leaning your bike against a wall, chain protectors, small bags, pumps, and so on. There are several attachments available, but they all add weight to your bike, making it more difficult to ride.

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