“A rack that provides such tremendous versatility at such an excellent value for the money.”

With 2 + 2, there are a few different possibilities.

The Hollywood HR1400 Sport Rider has a rack configuration that is a 2 + 2, which provides a great deal of flexibility right from the bat. In other words, adjust the rack so that it can support only two bicycles, or simply attach another pair of bicycles to it in order to convert it into a secure four-bike carrier. This is a quick and simple thing to accomplish. Let’s take a look at what else this bike rack has to offer after acknowledging that this is, without a doubt, an awesome feature.

Getting fixed up!

To begin, our research has shown that the Hollywood HR1400 safely accommodates bikes of virtually any size and design, making it one of the most versatile carriers available. Fixing any shape or size of bike is possible thanks to the adjustable wheel trays and the padded top arms clamping system. This includes fixing full-size men’s and women’s bikes as well as little children’s bikes. The platform allows for a secure attachment of the bicycle, regardless of whether the bicycle has a top tube that is horizontal or is a ladies’ bike that does not have a top tube.

The rack is designed to only fit into a hitch receiver that is 2 inches in width, and when it is not in use, the entire rack may fold up neatly against the back of the car to make parking the vehicle simpler.

The Hollywood HR1400 is a serious heavy duty bike rack for carrying bicycles in a safe and secure manner. It weights a total of 85 pounds both unpacked and assembled with a capacity of 4 bicycles.

In addition to a simple hitch tightening cable, a locking hitch pin, and a 9-foot security cable, the Sport Rider 4 comes standard with all of these features.

The bicycle’s wheels are supported by wheel trays, which may be spaced at any distance between them according to the rider’s preferences. For a more secure and solid hold on the rack, each wheel has its own simple Velcro strap that can be adjusted as needed.

Tip for fitting: To maximize the carrying stability of the bicycles, position the centers of gravity of each bike so that they are aligned with the centers of the bike racks.

Getting one’s feet wet!

Each bike is equipped with a hook that can be moved along the vertical center arms in either direction.

The hook features rubber cushioning to ensure a secure hold on the bike and eliminate any possibility of harm to your bicycles in the process.

This particular form of clamping mechanism has the advantage of being versatile enough to secure to the rack bicycles of virtually every conceivable shape and size. This rack is capable of sturdily and securely holding four distinct varieties of bicycles, even ones with highly robust frames.

Because each hook can be easily raised to empty each bike by pulling the lever on the back of the hook, which releases the ratchet and allows the hook to move up and away from the bike frame, unloading bikes can be done without any hassle at all.

Parking that’s a breeze!

When the bike rack is unloaded but you still want it attached to the back of your vehicle, the rack can be folded up very easily with one simple adjustment to make it neater behind the vehicle. This makes it easier to park the vehicle or fit it into your garage. When the rack is loaded with bikes, it cannot be folded up.

In addition, the center arms fold down, and the platform swings down and away from the back of your vehicle, making it simple and easy to access the trunk of your vehicle through the hatch or tailgate. This is, of course, an additional benefit.

When you are transporting bikes while driving, there is a threaded pin that can be screwed into the hitch to prevent the rack from swaying while you are transporting the bikes. The rack’s construction is unquestionably sturdy and durable.

Who or what was the driving force behind the creation of Hollywood Bike Racks?

In the beginning, Hollywood Bike Racks was a bicycle merchant operating out of a shop located in Hollywood. Because they sold bikes to customers on a daily basis, they had a thorough understanding of the requirements and preferences of bike rack users. A bike rack was required to have user-friendliness in addition to a high-quality structure that was both long-lasting and secure.

As word spread about how well their bike racks performed, they rapidly began selling their wares to competitors in the bicycle store industry.

They have been in business for almost 40 years (they started in 1973), and throughout this time they have remained committed to their core values of utilizing high-quality steel and aviation quality fasteners. There is always enough padding protection to shield heavy bikes and to prevent any possibility of harm to the cars that are transporting them. Their racks have thick powder coatings that provide the best protection against the weather.

A challenging path to take.

If you take care of your bike rack and treat it with respect, it should serve you well for many years. Because of this, we believe that the manufacturer, in order to win consumers’ trust in their product, should be willing to offer a warranty that lasts a lifetime.

We consider that to be reasonable, and Hollywood bike racks offers exactly that. In addition, because they offer a lifetime warranty, you won’t have to worry about any potential issues in the future.

There is a Lifetime Warranty included with the purchase of a Hollywood Bike Racks HR1400 rack.

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