“We’ve got ourselves a winner!”

“Read the reasons why this is ranked as the greatest trunk-mounted bike rack on the entire internet…”

It is wonderful to be able to assess a bike rack that has received such truly favorable feedback from owners on all levels. The widely regarded Saris Bones RS Trunk Mount Rack is characterized by a user-friendly design that incorporates a variety of functionality, as well as a construction that makes use of high-quality components. I have done careful and comprehensive research on this bike rack, and I have found that it has a lot going for it. Having said that, let’s take a good look at the following Saris Bones RS review to determine whether or not it is actually as good as all the buzz claims that it is.

The company that is now known as Saris was founded in 1974 and is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. They told us that their ultimate goal is to create bike racks of the highest possible quality that are also guaranteed to be long-lasting. Because every Saris bike rack comes with a lifetime warranty, this is quite literally the case.

If you wish to transport your bike (or bikes) on the back of your car, the Saris Bones RS makes the claim that it satisfies ALL of your needs.

They would have us believe that the design of this bike rack is where the true ingenuity of the product lies…

Let’s look at this in greater depth, shall we?

Getting your bike securely fastened to the rack is important.

It is correct to say that vinyl straps have always been an annoyance on bike racks that are affixed to trunks. As a result of my previous experiences, I am aware that they become tangled, dirty, and can dangle awkwardly when the rack is being fastened to the car. Additionally, they can scrape the paintwork as they swing.

Saris Bones RS 3 Bike Rack

This issue is no longer an issue with the Bones RS as there are no straps to adjust. They have been replaced with a ratchet system, which consists of secure clips that are rubber coated for added protection. Additionally, there are steel bands that give a really firm fit to the car and make it very quick and easy to attach the rack to a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from sedans to minivans. These features make it possible for the rack to be used on more vehicles.

A significant advantage of using steel bands rather than vinyl straps is that the former are easier to repair and the latter are more reliable. In addition, they maintain a cleaner appearance than vinyl straps and, more importantly, they eliminate the problem of dangling and twisted straps, which is excellent news.

Because of the overall attachment system, this specific bike rack may be quickly moved from one vehicle to another with ease.

As a consequence of this, it is quite simple to install on the automobile. After some practice and getting used to it, attaching it will take less than a minute, and removing it will take approximately a minute and a half.

The fact that this bike rack is so easy to use is one of the main reasons why it is so effective.

What Kind of Price Should I Expect to Pay for This Rack?

The cost can be found anywhere from $259 and $300 on the websites of virtually all of the online retailers. This price range has not changed. This is such a popular product that it keeps selling out, so if you check stock on Amazon and it’s at a fair price, it’s worth getting right away. We always check online prices and continue to find the cheapest price at Amazon.

Maintaining the tradition in the family!

Cable with a Saris Locking Length of 8 Feet

Are you concerned that someone may steal the rack off the back of your car when it is unloaded and parked somewhere? The good news is that the Bones RS features an inbuilt locking system that connects it to your car for additional security keeping it safe from theft, giving you peace of mind and keeping your bike rack in the family gives you peace of mind and keeps your bike rack in the family
Safeguarding Your Bike

In order to improve the safety of bicycles The Saris Locking 8-ft Cable is an additional bike lock that can be purchased as an add-on accessory that is capable of attaching three bicycles to your car as well as the bike rack. It is a durable braided cable made of 10mm stainless steel and it is eight feet long.

It’s a fantastic thing to have feet that are kind and soft…

The feet are soft, padded contacts that sit on the car in a gentle manner and offer excellent protection against any damage to the bodywork of the vehicle.

Prepare to pack up your bicycles!

Any user requires and expects their bike rack to provide sturdy support, ensure that loaded bicycles do not wobble or collide with one another, provide flexible and secure fixing, and make loading bicycles simple.

In order to accomplish these objectives, the Saris includes two robust arms that can easily handle the weight of all three of your bicycles.

The arms are equipped with ratcheting straps that feature the trademarked SoftTouch design. These robust bike frame grips, which are comfortable to the touch despite their durability, will keep your bikes safely attached to the rack. Because they can pivot and prevent swaying, it is much simpler to keep your bicycle safely secured with these grips. The support arms can be positioned closer together or further apart from each other to accommodate practically every kind of bike (mountain bike, road bike) as well as any size, from children’s bikes to adult bicycles.

The Saris Bike Beam is designed to produce a top tube from the seat tube to the front stem for bikes that do not already have one. This includes bicycles designed specifically for women as well as other specialty frames.

Saris Wheel Stabilizer Straps

One small issue has brought to my attention, and it is this one. When the bicycles are joined to one another and being carried, there is nothing that can prevent the front wheels from swinging freely, which can be especially dangerous when the wind is blowing. There are other ways to address this issue; one of them is to purchase Saris Wheel Stabilizer Straps (see image). However, the one that appeals to me the most is to only use a short length of bungee cord to secure the wheel to the rack. It’s a quick and easy solution.

The convenience of things makes everything simpler.

It is important to keep in mind that it is almost never simple to lift your bicycles onto the roof of your vehicle all by yourself and then to secure them in place there. In addition to that, there is the problem of getting on and off roof-mounted bicycles. This rack is fastened to the back of the vehicle, which is by far the most practical location on any vehicle.

Hitch mounts are used for the majority of bike racks that are designed to attach to the back of automobiles. This rack provides you with the same level of safety and stability as a hitch rack, but it is more affordable and does not require you to have a hitch receiver installed on your vehicle.

A bike rack that can withstand the strain of the journey!

The construction of saris adheres to rigorously precise standards, and they make use of robust, long-lasting materials.

I have mentioned it a few times before, but the build quality of this device as well as the materials that were utilized to construct it are both sturdy and long-lasting. This aspect is demonstrated by the fact that all Saris racks, including the Bones RS, are covered by a lifetime warranty. This means that the bike carrier is built to last and is produced in the United States of America.

The Saris Bones rack is currently the most popular bike rack in the world, and the new Saris Bones RS has elevated the functionality of this product to a higher level.

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