We devote a significant amount of time to conducting research and analysis on various types of bike racks. One of the most interesting aspects of this particular rack is its innovative approach to the management of fully loaded bike racks.

The Softride bike rack is equipped with a one-of-a-kind hydraulic parallelogram mechanism that makes it simple to raise and lower the rack, even when it is loaded to capacity with four bicycles. Simply pull the pin release, and the support arm will hydraulically lower and raise itself. This mechanism is operated by a pull that has a spring-loaded into it. Because of this, it is possible to get into the back of the car without having to unload the bicycles first.

When the bikes are loaded, the hydraulic system starts working, and it stops working when the bikes are unloaded.

The rack has a powder coating that prevents corrosion and ensures that it will last for a long time in any weather.

On each of the two support arms, there is room for up to four bicycles, which are then supported within padded cradles by the use of rubberized straps that tie the frame down and rubberized anti-sway straps that prevent the loaded bicycles from colliding with one another. They are firmly fastened, so there will be no scuffing or scratching while they are in transportation.

The rack has Softride’s QuietRide hitch locking technology, which not only prevents the rack from wobbling but also ensures that it is installed securely and stays ‘silent’ while the vehicle is in motion.

This rack has several useful safety features, including safety reflectors attached to the ends of the support arms, which is a smart move for enhancing visibility in low-light conditions. In addition to having a reinforced and sturdy top plate, this product also has an integrated cable lock; nevertheless, you are responsible for providing your own padlock.

The following are some of the features of the Softride Dura Assist 26321 Access 4 Bike Hitch Rack:

  • Arms that may be removed when the rack is not being used Arms that feature reflectors for increased visibility at night
  • Soft rubber padded cradles for enhanced bike support
  • Anti-corrosion powder coating
  • The hitch is compatible with receivers measuring 1.25 inches and 2 inches.
  • a hitch bolt that locks and is treated with Quietride to prevent rattles
  • There is a cable lock included (use your own padlock)
  • Anti-sway rubberized cradles for the bicycle(s).
  • Individual pliable wraps in addition to pliable rubberized straps are utilized in order to safely secure the bicycles to the support arms.
  • It is possible to transport four bicycles, each weighing 40 pounds, for a total of 160 pounds.
  • Class II should be the bare minimum for hitch receivers.
  • Bike rack weight: 42 pounds
  • Warranty good for life

Are Softride Bike Racks Any Good?

Ivor Allsop and his two kids came up with the idea for the first hitch-mount bike rack one day, and as a result, Softride Access Bike Racks was born out of that brainstorming session some 17 years ago. Since then, Softride Bike Racks has grown into a successful business.

The insurmountable challenge that Ivor’s wife experienced while trying to get a bike onto the roof of their vehicle served as inspiration for the group. Therefore, the objective was to create a bike rack that would be fast and simple to use for loading bikes, while at the same time functioning as a rock-solid secure carrier for the bicycles.

The problem was solved when the hitch mount was moved to the back of the vehicle; however, there was still the challenge of figuring out how to move the hitch rack that was fixed to the back of the vehicle out of the way to allow perfect access into the back of the vehicle without having to unload bikes or remove the bike rack.

This riddle was answered by their ground-breaking parallelogram design, which was then promptly copyrighted by the family. Because of this ingenious system, the user is able to easily lower the rack away from the back of the vehicle without dropping the bikes onto the ground. As a consequence, Softride Access Racks came into existence, and the Allsop family has been at the forefront of hitch-mount bike rack innovation ever since.

When a bike rack is attached to a hitch receiver, one of the issues that might arise is an uncomfortable rattling while the vehicle is in motion. Softride understood this issue early on in the company’s history. By developing the tightening hitch pin, which prevents sway and puts a halt to rattling in the receiver while the vehicle is in motion, they were able to fix the ‘clanking’ problem that was occurring.

When it comes to their hitch-mount bike racks, Softride continually introduces new and inventive designs to the market. These designs ensure that there is always excellent access to the car without the need to unload the bikes first.

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