“After analyzing and contrasting the most popular hitch-mounted bike racks for five bikes, we were able to identify the rack that offers the best combination of value and performance,”

This Allen Premium 555RR is a no-frills bike rack that is rock sturdy, easy to install, and easy to use, and it can transport 5 bicycles weighing up to 175 lbs. with no problem at all. And that’s no easy achievement by any means!

After conducting extensive research on a variety of bike racks and listening to a large amount of customer feedback, we came across the Allen bike rack, which has received an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars from 33 customer reviews on Amazon. This tells you that the carrier is well-liked by the people who really matter, which are customers.

We have conducted research on this product and made an effort to understand why it provides the user with such an excellent value.

Is the Allen Premium 5-Bike Hitch Mount Bike Rack as good as the reviews make it sound like it is?

To begin, it is important to point out that transporting five bicycles results in a significant amount of weight, as well as a significant amount of price and the possibility of a disastrous outcome if the bicycles fall off together. Because it is impossible to transport that many bicycles on the roof of a car, the rear seat is your only available storage space for them.

It may be argued that hitch-mounted bike racks are the most securely fastened bike racks, which is an essential characteristic with that amount of bikes. The fact that it is the ideal sort of bike rack to be able to deal with the situation raises the question of whether or not it actually does.

The secret is to form emotional attachments!

It only works with a hitch receiver that is 2 inches wide, so if you want to transport 5 bicycles without any problem, you will need to either already own such a receiver or purchase one.

Allen claims that the installation process may be completed in little than five minutes despite its seeming complexity. Watch the video to have a better understanding of this, but hitch mount racks are without a doubt the easiest to put in place.

After the hitch insert has been securely fastened to the post of the bike frame, the carry arm assembly can be fastened to the post (all bolts included). After this, the rack assembly is complete. Next, the hitch insert is installed by sliding it into the hitch receiver and securing it with the wobble-free bolt that is included in the kit. It is important to ensure that the bolt is completely tightened, as this eliminates the possibility of any wobble occurring.

And with that, all that’s left to do is load up your bike and get going. Straightforward, risk-free, and risk-free. This product is described as having “Great value, superior quality, straightforward to use, and it’s so simple…” by Allen Bike Racks. … and do you know what? They are completely correct, there is no denying it! At this price point, in our opinion, the value and quality that they provide is superior to that of just about anything else that is available.

What is the difference between the Allen Premium model and the Allen Deluxe model?

The premium model comes equipped with brand new quick-release levers that make it much simpler to extend and retract the bike carrier arms.

The rack’s ability to remain fixed in place is ensured by the presence of a pop-up pin within the tilt-away design of the premium rack. This pop-up pin makes it much simpler to tilt the loaded bike rack away from the hatch or tailgate in order to gain quick and convenient access into the back of the vehicle if you already have the bicycles on the rack and you want to use them.

Premium racks come equipped with a locking loop that is incorporated into the base of the rack. This makes it possible for you to lock your bikes to a solid bike rack in a way that is both simpler and more secure.

This bike rack is useful and accomplishes what it says it will on the packaging. It does not have a flashy appearance, and unlike more expensive bike racks, it does not have all of the “bells and whistles” amenities. However, what it is able to do is transport bicycles weighing up to a massive 175 pounds safely, securely, and problem-free over a distance of miles and miles and miles…! And that is something that is extremely valuable to any user.

Will it perform any clever actions?

We feel obligated to point out that the Allen Premium 5-Bike Hitch Rack accomplishes the vast majority of the goals you would have for a bike rack.

It includes two carry arms that can be folded up and stored neatly out of the way when they are not in use, making it more simpler and more comfortable to park and maneuver in reverse.

The rack has been updated to include a pop-up pin, which makes it simple to lock it in place and also releases the tilt-away system for the bike rack. When the locking mechanism is disengaged, the bike rack will tilt away from the rear of the car. It is not necessary to unload the bicycles in order to accomplish this, which enables the hatch or tailgate to be opened and access to be gained from the back of the vehicle. This is a significantly more convenient alternative to completely removing either the bikes or the bike rack. The fact that one may so effortlessly climb into the cargo area of the vehicle is encouraging news and makes life simpler.

The Allen patented soft touch tie-down grip system securely fastens each individual bicycle to the frame of the bike without allowing for any swaying of the bike, hence preventing any harm to either the loaded bikes or the vehicle.

Allen Bike Racks Take You on a Trip Down Memory Lane:

Research into space technology was Dick Allen’s area of expertise, and he held a degree in physics from Harvard University. In 1967, he lost his job as a result of budget cuts that the government implemented. In order to meet the task that was in front of him, he decided to launch a fledgling business out of the little garage that belonged to his home. Why? Because he was a cycling enthusiast and believed that the bike market at the time wasn’t really serving the needs of his and his family to transport a family load of bikes on vacation safely and securely, he decided to design and manufacture his own solution. He came to the conclusion that there was a gap in the market that presented a significant opportunity, and as a result, he made the decision to solve the problem of tangled up string and frequently scratched car himself.

Allen’s initial trunk-mounted rack was a success, and as a direct result, the company that bears his name, Allen Bike Racks, was launched. Allen’s first trunk-mounted rack was invented, then tweaked and improved on his prototype. Within just four years, Allen Bike Racks were being effectively distributed over the entirety of the United States of America by some of the largest national bicycle distributors. What was once a one-man firm operating out of a single garage is now a multi-national corporation with locations all over the globe.

A challenging path to take.

We’d like to think that a bike rack is a gift that keeps on giving, not just for the holidays. It ought to render devoted service to you for many years to come. Therefore, if you are a manufacturer and you want to increase the confidence that your customers have in your products, you should offer a lifetime warranty on those products. This is what we refer to as reasonable, and Allen bike racks offers you entire peace of mind with the knowledge that they have a warranty that lasts a lifetime.

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