Allen 900B Tension Bar Bicycle Cross-bar Adaptor

If you have a bike rack that has one or more support arms, and your bicycle is secured by being tied down and hung from those arms by its frame, then having a horizontal top tube makes the whole procedure a lot simpler.
Some bicycle frames, such as those designed for women or children, do not include a horizontal crossbar. Additionally, frames that have interesting shapes and are equipped with full suspension may often make it difficult to load such bicycles in a secure and safe manner.

It does not matter what kind of frames your bicycles have; you must always ensure that they are loaded in a safe and secure manner.

Installing a cross-bar adapter on your bike, which produces a solid top tube, makes it possible for the weight to hang more readily and produces a strong, secure load. This is the ideal option.

The Allen 900B Tension Bar Bicycle Cross-bar Adaptor is an item that has received positive reviews and has a low price point, and it does its function well.

The Allen tension bar attachment is intended to be compatible with bicycles that have a distance ranging from 16 inches to 27 inches between the stem and the seat post.

The installation of this specific adapter for the bicycle crossbar couldn’t be made any easier!

This product is backed by the manufacturer with a lifetime warranty in the event that there is any flaw in the craftsmanship or the material. Allen will replace (or repair, depending on the situation) at no additional cost.

Allen 900B Tension Bar Bicycle Cross-bar Adaptor Specifications:

  • Cross-bar adaptor creates a top tube to non-conventional bike frames
  • Constant tension is maintained with an internal spring
  • A universal design easily attaches to most bike frames
  • Bicycle finish is protected from scratches with plastic coated hooks
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty

Allen 900B Tension Bar Bicycle Cross-bar Adaptor


  • Sturdy product
  • Fits lots of different bike frames
  • Easy to use (5 seconds)
  • Great solution
  • Durable product
  • Strong tension sprin


  • Take care not to pinch your hand in the tension spring
  • The small end stays open
  • The plastic hooks can scratch if you don’t take care

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