Allen Deluxe 3-Bike Spare Tire Bike Rack Review (2023)

The Allen Deluxe 3-Bike Spare Tire Bike Rack is a strong rack that can handle up to three bicycles and has a maximum weight capacity of one hundred pounds. It is manufactured by Allen bike racks.
If you want to make sure that the rack will fit on your vehicle, check out the Allen bike rack fit list here. The design of the rack will accommodate the overwhelming majority of external spare tires. It is designed to work with vehicles that have their third brake lights located over the tire.

Installing this rack is a breeze as it simply requires hooking it over the top of the tire and securing it in place with two straps. The entire process takes very little time at all.

The securing method for the bicycles features a cradle that snugly accommodates the frame of each unique bicycle. If your bike does not have a horizontal top tube, you may find that a cross-bar adaptor makes loading and unloading your bike much simpler.

This Allen 303DB model mounts the bikes in a lofty position on two support arms and is easy to set up. The advantage of carrying your laden bicycles higher is that it keeps them off of the road surface and also keeps them well away from the hot exhaust of the vehicle.

Bike Rack Specifications for the Allen Deluxe 3-Bike Spare Tire Mount Bike Rack:

  • Up to three bicycles can fit inside the carrying capacity.
  • The Allen Universal fitting system is compatible with the vast majority of external spare tires, including those that have third brake lights that are mounted on top of the tire.
  • Transports bicycles at a height that keeps them away from the exhaust heat and the asphalt below.
  • Installs in a matter of moments and is quite straightforward
  • Each bicycle is held firmly in place by its own cradle, which also ensures its safety.
  • The absolute maximum load that may be carried is 100 pounds.

As a result of the rack’s attachment to the spare tire and the tailgate, the back door may be opened even while the bicycles are being transported on it. This provides you with convenient entry into the vehicle’s cargo area.

What is a Spare Tire Bike Rack?

Let’s have a look at how a bike rack that mounts to a spare tire works.

There are two distinct kinds of spare tire racks, and the method in which they are fastened to the exterior spare tire that is located in the trunk of the car varies between the two.

The first variation makes use of a center bolt that is threaded all the way through the center of the spare wheel and is fastened to a rear plate behind the wheel.

This is a very robust connection mechanism, and it has the extra feature of being able to be securely kept in place even after the bike rack frame is removed. This saves time when installing and removing the rack, which is a huge benefit.

Because the bike rack does not make contact with the bodywork in any way, the possibility of markings or scratches is significantly reduced.

The second kind is a frame that is fastened in place using straps and hooks over the top of the spare tire.

Because the straps are secured to the car using hooks, they need to be of high quality and rubberized to prevent marks from being made to the edge of the bumper or the tailgate.

As is the case with all strap systems, it is essential that they be crafted from materials of high quality and feature an efficient design in order to ensure that the tension is kept stable and secure while traveling over a variety of road surfaces. If this is not the case, the straps will become loose due to vibration, which is something that must be avoided.

Even with the bicycles loaded, entry into the cargo area of the vehicle is not impeded by the presence of a spare tire rack. The fact that the back door can still be opened is quite encouraging.

As a result of the rack being mounted in the rear of the vehicle, loading and unloading your bicycles should be a simple process. Additionally, you won’t have to lift your bicycles over your head, which simplifies the process.

Cradles for bicycle frames typically consist of one or two support arms, and the frame itself hangs from the cradle. This indicates that they are likely to sway unless the design has elements that prevent them from doing so. It is important to take precautions in order to prevent the bikes from colliding with one another and causing damage if they are allowed to rock back and forth.

Are Allen Bike Racks Reliable?

Allen was founded in 1967 by Dick Allen, a bike lover who was upset by his experiences of having to carry his family’s bicycles on weekend-long travels and holidays. Dick’s experiences inspired him to create the Allen brand of bicycle transportation products. In response to the challenge, Dick started the process of developing and producing his own bike racks. Three years later, Allen Bike Racks were being marketed in every state in the United States.

Allen Bike Racks has come a long way from its modest beginnings to earn a multitude of patents for the very unique concepts it has developed. In the increasingly competitive market for bike racks, the Allen Brand consistently delivers a product range that is both adaptable and simple to use.

Allen Bike Racks maintains the high levels of uniqueness, outstanding service, and superior quality that have helped this business earn such a stellar reputation over the course of the last four decades.

Allen offers a guarantee good for life on each and every one of their bike racks.

The Philosophy at the Core of Allen’s Bike Rack

The mission of Allen Bike Racks is to create and produce the very finest bike carriers that can be found.

The following serve as the foundation for those construction blocks:

  • Build up your consumer loyalty by providing a high level of quality and user-friendliness.
  • The best possible value for money on the market, with the goal of delivering an even greater value and so increasing customer loyalty.
  • A lifelong guarantee that inspires trust in the buyer and helps to cultivate brand loyalty.

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