Softride 26260 Hook and Loop Soft Wraps (Pack of 4)

Softride Hook & Loop Soft Wraps

The Softride hook and loop soft wrap is a Velcro loop that is 12 inches long and fits around your bike frame and wheel. Its purpose is to prevent the front fork from twisting, which in turn prevents the front wheel from rotating.
This stops the front wheels from bumping against one other as well as the rear of the car while driving.

These wraps are sold in packs of four.

Softride 26260 Hook and Loop Soft Wrap Features:

  • Pack of 4 hook and loop soft Velcro wraps
  • Clamps the bike frame and front wheel together
  • Robust hook and loop Velcro fastening material
  • 12-inches long
  • Can be used for a wide variety of uses

Softride 26260 Hook and Loop Soft Wraps


  • Great value
  • Must have for bike carriers
  • Stop the front wheel & front fork twisting & turning


  • Cheap quality
  • Bit small in length

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