Which is Better: Roof or Hitch Bike Rack?

The next vacation is drawing near, and there are a lot of kilometers between here and there. Before you begin your trip, it is important to determine which kinds of bike racks are the most effective for transporting your family, their baggage, and their bicycles. This will ensure that your bicycles arrive at their destination undamaged and without incident. The first thing you need to decide is where on your car the bicycles may be clamped in the most secure manner. Where, on the roof or in the trunk, is the ideal place to store bicycles so that they are out of the way?

In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons why loading from the rear may fit your requirements better while at the same time taking into consideration the constraints that are associated with this method. Before making a purchase, it is helpful to have all of the information at hand. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that a quality bike rack is an item of equipment that, once purchased, should not need any additional thought. There’s something very wrong with you if you’re even considering it!

Utilize a rear bike rack to carry your bicycles in the back of the vehicle (using a trunk bike rack or hitch bike rack)

There are a variety of convincing arguments in favor of transporting bicycles on the back of a motor vehicle, and of course, there are a variety of different arguments in favor of transporting bicycles using either a trunk mount or a hitch mount, depending on the circumstances. Nevertheless, rather than focusing on the technique of attaching a rack, the primary focus of this essay will be on the placement of the rack’s attachment. Other blogs and articles on this site go into much more depth on the many techniques of attachment, including both the positive and negative approaches.

We are going to see that installing a bike rack on the trunk of a vehicle comes with both positive and negative aspects, so let’s get right down to determining whether or not this is a good idea, and if it is, why that is the case.

Pros and cons of the rear bike rack

Pros, the good news:

  • The fact that placing a bike into a rear-mounted bike rack is a straightforward and uncomplicated process is undeniably beneficial. Because it is simple to travel to the spot, and because there is very little lifting involved, it is possible for one person to load and unload a number of bicycles without any difficulty.
  • Because a rear mount bike rack can obstruct access through the hatchback, tailgate, or trunk, a high-quality rack is designed to be extremely quick and easy to install on the back, and it is also designed to be extremely simple to remove when the rack is not loaded with bikes. This is because a rear mount bike rack can obstruct access.
  • When not in use, some top racks are intended to fold up into a small form that allows for easy storage in the vehicle’s trunk or rear cargo compartment. This eliminates the possibility of the rack being stolen when it is not in use.
  • Transporting bicycles in a secure manner is crucial, and modern rear mount racks ensure that there is no swaying of the bikes in order to eliminate the possibility of either the vehicle or the bicycle being damaged while you are on the go.
  • There is a good carrying capacity available, up to five bicycles may be carried securely on one hitch rack, and each bicycle can be loaded and unloaded with ease from the rack.
  • Because there is no height limit for fully loaded racks, even a parking garage with a height restriction or a drive-through window at a fast food restaurant is never out of the question, and there is no risk of a catastrophic tragedy happening.
  • There is no wind drag on the car as a result of the rack and bikes being positioned in the rear behind the vehicle. This has a few positive effects. There is no substantial influence on gas economy, there is no wind noise that is annoying to suffer through, and powerful gusts of crosswinds will not impose the same hazards that they may do with bicycles that are placed on roofs.

You’ll have to admit that this is a convincing list of reasons why the rear of your car is the ideal location to install a bike rack. With that in mind, why don’t you just go ahead and make your choice and be happy about it right away? You need to be aware of the problematic factors that need to be considered and what can be done about them before you can proceed. Well, that isn’t entirely the case, there are quite a few things to take into account that are troublesome. Can these issues be solved to a satisfactory degree, or will you simply have to settle with finding workarounds and learning to live with the drawbacks? Well let’s have a look.

Cons, the not so good news:

  • The fact that the bicycles are stored in the trunk indicates that there is a possibility that they will obstruct your view of the rear of the vehicle in some way. Check that the bikes are loaded exactly where you want them to be in respect to the back window. Some bike racks load bikes higher up, while others load bikes lower in order to increase visibility.
  • The fact that there is a greater selection of bike racks that attach to the back of a vehicle should be seen as a positive development, right? In actuality, cheaper racks that seem to give a better value at first look do not have the capabilities or the technology to sufficiently supply the following items, which you’ll need if you want a safe and secure rack for your bikes. These things are described below.
    • straightforward and fast set up It alleviates frustration and is practical in nature
    • a hassle-free and more comfortable experience that is also fast and simple to remove
    • Easy bike loading – not only is it safer, but it also lowers stress levels, and easy bike unloading – much less of a bother
    • Anti-sway technology, anti-wobble technology, and cushioned cradles are all examples of features that prevent harm to your bikes and the bodywork of your car.
  • As a result of the bikes being linked to one another on the rack, there is a greater possibility of the bikes colliding with one another; thus, it is essential that a rear bike rack addresses this issue.
  • If the rack is not equipped with strong anti-sway mechanisms, there is a greater likelihood that it may sway into your car and harm the paintwork.
  • The fact that bicycles that are locked in the rear are simpler to access is good news for you, but it also means that it is easier for criminals to access them, which is why the rack has to have enough security measures built into it.
  • Attached to the rear of the vehicle might result in vibrations, and any form of rattling or wobble may cause the fastenings to work themselves free, unless the fastenings are of high quality and equipped with technology that prevents wobbling and vibration.
  • There is a good chance that you will not be able to open the hatch, the trunk, or the tailgate in order to get access to the cargo space located in the rear of your vehicle. When traveling for a long distance with a fully loaded bike rack, it is a huge hassle to have to remove the bikes and the rack before entering the rear of the vehicle. It is crucial to take this into consideration when making a purchase of a rack since quality rear mount racks have a better design that allows them to circumvent this issue.

Now that we have a better notion of what to look for and consider, as well as what to avoid, we can more confidently decide whether or not the back of the car is the best option. Get more information about the many kinds of rear bike racks, like as hitch mount racks, trunk mount racks, and more.

You may get further details by reading through our evaluations of bike racks, where you’ll also find out why the products we recommend are the best.

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